Payroll Payout


103.5 WGRR’s “Payroll Payout” is just about the best summer job you never had where you do practically nothing and win $100!

Stay on the payroll and win another 100. Here’s how it works. We announce a name weekdays at 8am, 11am, 1pm and 4pm.  If that person calls us back within 10 minutes, they win. If they don’t call back, the previous winner stays on the payroll and makes another $100.

Thursdays are bonus days with $500 every time we play! You stay on the payroll until someone takes “your job.”

Sign up to get on the payroll and listen for your name weekdays at 8am, 11am 1pm and 4pm .

The 103.5 WGRR Payroll Payout sponsored by Thomas and Galbraith. Call Thomas and Galbraith today at 513-898-1100.

Names Called

  • Hannah Eglian
  • Robert Hovey
  • Connie Griffin
  • Doug Klaas
  • Mae Groppenbecker
  • Becky Grimm
  • Cory Ridner
  • Mark Lunsford
  • Karin Cole
  • Pam Koeninger
  • Mike Piechocki
  • Christopher Burger
  • Rorri Vickers
  • Brady Hamilton
  • Arlene Stephens
  • Dawn Halcom
  • Irene Jemison
  • Chris Metz
  • Sheila Jones

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